An article came through my inbox recently that truly felt like a bit of fresh air as I read it, and so I thought I’d pass it along and offer my own thoughts to the author’s.  Even though it is an article from an organization that focuses on Christian Formation and Education, I hope it might speak some peace to you and your own contexts. 

(You can read the article HERE, but I’ll also summarize below.)  

Sarah Bentley Allred writes from within a congregational context...

I am not sure what all will happen in the final stretch of the pandemic, but I guess we can call any point the beginning of the end. How do we know while we are still in it? There are some who think we are still in for some ups and downs rather than a steady decline of infections and a return to normal. I want to use this mid-week blog to examine the pandemic as an experience that we have shared in common. I want to spend some time recognizing the psychological and emotional experience we have been through. I will end with Some things you need to know. If you want, you have the option to...

Greetings “from” the Mennonite Church USA Convention.  This week, I’m participating in seminars and worship alongside people from around the country (and a few around the world), but I’m doing so from my home.  The sound quality might be better for the in-person convention, but I find the lodging accommodations for the online option to be quite comfortable.  :-)

We are nearing halfway through the convention, so I wanted to give a brief check-in about what I’ve been hearing and learning.  The theme for the week is “Bring the Peace,” and the main worship and bible study sessions have...

Here's my first crack at a time-honored tradition.
First, let me thank you for trusting me to cover some of Joel's duties this summer while he is on sabbatical.
I will take this opportunity to reiterate my responsibilities:
I will help with worship coordination, assist any of the worship participants who need help, convene the 9:30 Sunday morning run-through of the service and convene the announcements at the end of the service.
I will attend the weekly staff meetings on Tuesday morning to see what things may need my attention.
I will meet...

Do not burn yourself out.  Be as I am.  A reluctant enthusiast and a part-time crusader.  A half-hearted fanatic.  Save the other half of yourselves for pleasure and adventure.  It is not enough to fight for the West.  It is even more important to enjoy it, while you can, while it’s still there.

– Naturalist Edward Abbey, quoted as an important life motto by restorative justice pioneer Howard Zehr in Summer 2007 edition of Peacebuilder

Ever since encountering these lines almost a decade and a half ago there’s been a remote region of my brain...