I’m usually not one to re-watch a movie or reread a book.  Maybe it’s the combination of limited time with seemingly unlimited viewing and reading options that makes repetition feel like a missed opportunity.  But I’ve noticed that’s been changing.

It coincides with Eve and Lily now at an age when they can…ahem…better appreciate the…ahem…high art that graced my earlier years.  Princess Bride.  Groundhog Day.  Seeing through my and their eyes at the same time makes for a new experience.  For example, about 20 minutes into the first Lord of the Rings, Eve said, “Wait a minute, is this...

I often wake up in the morning with a fragment of a hymn going through my head.  Or in the middle of the day, an old hymn or something newer suddenly is there…going round and round.  Sometimes I end up having to go find it in the hymnal because I don’t know quite all of it, but it’s often reassuring or soothing to have those words and that tune accompanying me during the day.

The idea of not having the ability to sing with the congregation or small group or choir is one of the bitter loses of our current way of life.  There were many years when I didn’t attend...

Genealogy is all about discovering and telling family stories.  I mentioned last week about “getting the genealogy bug” at my Aunt Beverly’s funeral in 2010.  We started taking trips to visit cemeteries to take photos and record headstone information that wasn’t readily available back then.  I started with St. Anne Cemetery next to the church and school that I had gone to growing up.  My Great Grandfather Joseph Opferman was buried there along with my Mom and Dad on the same hillside.

I knew that my Grandmother Anna Opferman Hoffman was buried...

One of the skills I've tried to hone this spring has been nature photography. I have loved taking photos of plants and animals for a long time, and it used to be a regular part of my job back when I worked in a plant ecology lab. On some of my increasingly long walks this spring, I found myself slowing down to admire the beauty of spring wildflowers and started taking my camera with me when I went out. After getting frustrated when photos didn't turn out quite how I wanted them, I checked out some ebooks on photography and started studying. Here are a few of my recent...

The brutal treatment and killing of the handcuffed George Floyd has set off protests and destructive riots in cities across the country.  Would not an understanding of our shared humanness have caused us to pause and take to heart the words in this poem.

Mary Spain*

Come, meet me in the dark with outstretched hands
I would not know your colour or your kind;
And do not speak, in case my biased mind
Forms judgement long before it understands
The words you use.  Conceal from me the lands...