What is this place? Those words are sung regularly at Columbus Mennonite Church. It’s the title and the first line of one of this congregation’s most beloved hymns. It offers a powerful theme for this Capital Campaign because it opens up a conversation on what the building means to us now and what it could be in the future.

The building that Columbus Mennonite Church has called home for over twenty-five years was built in phases from 1910 to the 1990s. It is a sturdy old building that has weathered the decades well, but there are essential infrastructure features that are nearing the end of their usefulness. These include the roof and the heating and cooling systems, among other things.

We dedicate this campaign to the memory of Al Bauman, who was this building’s most passionate caretaker for many years. He cherished the building and spent an untold number of hours caring for it and the people of Columbus Mennonite Church.

As a congregation, we are at a decision point about how we’ll prepare our building for the future. Our values compel us to consider our impact on the environment and the community while remaining fiscally responsible. How can we make our building more sustainable, more accessible, and more beneficial for ourselves and the wider community?

Those questions will be answered as the campaign progresses.

Al Bauman

Guiding Values

  • To Invest in the Future of our Congregation
  • To Use Congregational Resources Wisely
  • To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint
  • To be a Gathering Place for the Wider Community

Buildings Improvements: The Next 5-7 Years

HVAC Sunday School Wing $15,000.00
Drainage Improvements $15,000.00
Roof $121,000.00
HVAC Sanctuary $100,000.00
HVAC Nursery Wing $30,000.00
Solar Array $110,000.00
Accessibility Project $20,000.00
Subtotal $411,000.00
1% Tithe $4,110.00
10% Contingency $41,100.00
Total $456,210.00


Heating and Air Conditioning
Why and When

Existing systems are inefficient and nearing the end of their lives

  • Sunday School Wing: 2024
  • Sanctuary: 2027-2029
  • Nursery Wing: 2027-2029
Drainage Improvements
Why and When
  • Drainage issues on the north side of the building
  • Should be done within 2 years
Roof Replacement
Why and When
  • The existing 2003 roof is nearing the end of its life
Solar Power System
Why and When
  • Decrease our carbon footprint
  • Pays for itself (over time)
  • Installed just after the new roof
Accessibility Modifications to Main Rest Rooms
Why and When
  • Need to be made more usable for people with disabilities
  • Date TBD
The 1% Tithe
Armenia Building Project
  • The Armenia church is planning to add a second floor to the front of the church to rent as residential space to provide ongoing revenue.
The 1O% Contigency
  • Cost overruns
  • Marketing expenses
  • Interest on short term loans should we need them