Phloem and Xylem: Economic refugees

October 9, 2013

Yesterday I attended a breakfast for clergy of the supporting congregations of the YWCA Family Center.  Once a month Columbus Mennonite teams with North Broadway United Methodist Church to serve a dinner.  Our congregation also gives $1000 annually to support the mission of the Family Center. 

It’s an impressive facility, constructed in 2005.  It is home to all sorts of community outreach and includes 50 dorm rooms, each giving a temporarily homeless household private space while the Center helps with...

Today I ate lunch at North Star Cafe and saw this sign in the entrance.

“We all eat and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.”
— Anna Thomas

That place does am amazing job of making sure everyone there eats very well.  Wow.  I’m going to have dreams about Beechwold Salad.

This Sunday is


Phloem and Xylem: Remember your baptism

September 25, 2013

This weekend is the church retreat at Camp Luz.  Along with the fun and recreation, we’ll be celebrating two baptisms.  Tennison G and Andrew N will be baptized during the Sunday morning worship service, accompanied respectively by their sponsors Austin K and Andy K K.

One of my distinct memories of my own baptism was in the moments after I had come out of the pond where I was baptized and one of the adults of our small fellowship told me that this and the day I would be married were two of the...

I’m not one to flood my inbox with email subscriptions, but there are two daily meditations that regularly feed my soul.  One is from Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest who is a prolific writer and speaker.  He writes out of a Christian framework, but draws frequently from other wisdom traditions on themes of overcoming dualistic thinking, union with God and our true self, and combining contemplation and action in the life of faith.  I know that a number of you already receive his daily emails.  If you don’t and have interest, HERE is where to sign up...

OK, so here’s a fresh internet meme to pass along, posted today on HuffPost.  It’s a five minute time-lapse video simulation of a young girl aging into an old woman, showing just her face.  It’s pretty remarkable.
A few thoughts after watching it:
+ the face has its own beauty in all stages of life...