The other side

There is a nice coincidence between this week’s worship theme, Land, and where we are at in the adult Sunday school study of the Gospel of Mark.  Next class we will pick up at Mark 4:35, when Jesus, having finished teaching in parables from the shores of the Sea of…

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A dusting of snow and ash

Today is Ash Wednesday and it snowed this morning and a little more this afternoon.  Today is the beginning of Lent, a day in which we recite these words to one another: “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you will return.”  Despite the cold forecast ahead, and despite…

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Discerning gifts

Last evening the Gifts Discernment Committee met at church.  This is the group charged with inviting members to serve on various Commissions each year.  This is the group thankful for the strong response received from the Gifts Discernment forms in which you named people you felt were gifted to lead…

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Doing justice

Doing justice is hard work.  It’s hard figuring out how to do it and it’s hard to do.  It’s slow moving and tiring.  It usually involves just showing up, which isn’t necessarily all that fulfilling in itself. One of the things that we at CMC have going for us is…

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What we don’t see

This Sunday we will celebrate six jr. youth coming of age.  The scripture they have chosen to shape the worship theme is Jeremiah 1:1-14.  After an initial call from the Lord to Jeremiah, and Jeremiah’s response that he is too young and cannot speak, the Lord asks him a question:…

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