Welcome the Christ

On the cusp on another Christmas, we pray that the peace of Christ be known in our hearts and in our world.
This past Sunday we ended our worship with a congregational selfie, a.k.a., taking a family picture.  It makes for a nice Christmas greeting card, but was also a way of joining with a movement expressing solidarity with refugees.  Along with a banner of our church name, we held up a banner saying #wechoosewelcome.  This hashtag started through Presbyterian Church USA, with an invitation for any congregation to join by taking a picture with such a banner and sharing it on social media.  The picture is up and shareable on the CMC Facebook page.  It’s a small but meaningful gesture toward spreading the kind of message we believe Jesus taught – and lived, as a refugee to Egypt fleeing Herod’s violent aggression toward boys born in Bethlehem.
May we welcome the Christ among us, even as we have been welcomed by Christ.  A good Christmas to you.