A miracle at the table?

It is church conference/convention season.  Tomorrow through Saturday is the Central District Conference Annual Meeting, this year in Elkhart, Indiana on the campus of Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary – my old stomping/studying grounds.  Six of us from Columbus Mennonite will be attending.  This gathering is mostly focused on relationship building…

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Marches and Parades

A couple of months ago, I was having breakfast with a friend of mine and the conversation turned toward my experience as a gay man.  Because this woman is a friend and because she showed a genuine interest in hearing about my experiences, I was happy to share some of…

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School’s (almost) out

School’s out tomorrow! – at least if you’re a second or third grader in Columbus City Schools.  Schools in the area are letting out, and many graduations have already happened.  Students are about to skip into the glory of summer, parents are about to adjust their routines, and teachers, God…

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Faithful dissent

At the beginning of this year our congregation officially joined the Supportive Communities Network and this Sunday SCN Coordinator Carol Wise will be a guest speaker during worship, the Sunday school hour, and at a luncheon held at the church (open invitation, food provided).  Carol is also the Executive Director…

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The Things We Take With Us

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a theatre production, and when I walked in I could not shake the feeling that I knew one of the ushers.  I wracked my brain trying to remember how I knew this woman, but it just would not come to me.  It…

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