Ready, Set, NO

Churches and clergy aren’t allowed to endorse political candidates but we can advocate for issues.  Last week the CMC Leadership Team affirmed Columbus Mennonite Church joining a sign-on campaign of organizations opposed to Issue 1.     Ohio is terribly gerrymandered, giving the slight majority of Republicans across the state a…

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Midweek Blog: MennoCon Reflection

The MCUSA Convention last week was full of lots of different experiences: worship services, keynote speakers, reunions, seminars, panels, group discussion and yes, some good barbecue and fellowship. There was too much to give a full account here, though we invite you to join us in worship on August 13…

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Conference Season

It’s church conference season.  This past weekend six of us headed up to Goshen, Indiana to represent CMC at the Central District Conference Annual Meeting.  This coming Monday five adults and five youth will head out to Kansas City for the biennial Mennonite Church USA Convention (during which delegates will…

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Pastorhood and Congregationhood

Thank you for the amazing gifts on Sunday celebrating ten years.  I was quite unsuspecting.  The cards were greatly appreciated and that artwork…Beautiful.  For those of you who weren’t present or didn’t get a close look, here’s a picture of the 12 canvases from eight CMC artists, stories pieced together…

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The Rainbow(s)

As far as I can tell, the origins of the rainbow pride flag have no connection to the biblical Noah story.  Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man elected to public office, felt the gay community needed a symbol to rally around and asked his friend Gilbert Baker to design…

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