Adult Education

Our life of learning more of God and from each other continues on Sunday mornings during the Christian Education hour.

Christian Education Classes: Winter/Spring 2019 

A Hunger for Healing: This class uses J. Keith Miller’s book, A Hunger for Healing: The Twelve Steps as a Classic Model for Christian Spiritual Growth. This book serves as an introduction to the Twelve Steps. The Steps are presented as spiritual tools for living, growing, and healing that can be used by anyone.  Previous experience with the 12 Steps IS NOT required. Organized by Steve Rolfe. Meets in Joel’s office.

Bible Study | Genesis: Preface to the present: Genesis is a book of beginnings and an open ended preface to the present.  As the first book of the Bible, it sets the stage and narrative arc of all that follows.  In this class, we’ll read and discuss the entirety of Genesis, focusing on the very human patriarchs and matriarchs – Abraham, Sarah and Hagar; Isaac and Rebekah; Jacob, Leah, and Rachel.  No previous biblical knowledge necessary.  Bring your Bible or use one provided.  Taught by Joel Miller.  Meets February 16 – May 17 in Room 21

Ways of Knowing: Most of us struggle—sometimes frustratingly, sometimes fruitfully—to hold together multiple ways of knowing, different ways of making meaning of our world and our own place within it. In church we usually talk theology. But inevitably we bring with us what we know from other domains. This series of short classes reflects on three ways of knowing that often seem to have a complicated relationship with theology: science, psychology, and art. Join CMCers who live at these intersections for open conversation and personal reflection. 

Psychology and Faith: Meets February 16 – March 22 in Room 22

Art and Faith: Meets March 29 – May 17 in Room 22