Adult Education

Our life of learning more of God and from each other continues on Sunday mornings during the Christian Education hour.

Christian Education Classes: January - May 2022

Please join the Virtual ZOOM (for now) Adult Christian Education Classes beginning January 9 through May 22. There will be no classes on Cookie Sundays - first Sunday of each month; Easter – April 17; Congregational Meeting – April 24. The first two classes will begin after the Sunday morning service at 11:00 am.

Personal Storytelling: “Beautiful Moments”. We have all had experiences that have had a profound impact on us. Whether a moment of grace, beauty, transition or love, these moments stay with us long after we experience them. Each week, two members of the class will share a personal story, 10-15 minutes each. Led by Josh Davey. Zoom link will be the same as the one used for Sunday worship.

A Hunger for Healing: For the past several years, this class/group has provided an introduction (for those who need introduced) and/or guide (for those who have already been introduced) to the spiritual exercises known as the 12 Steps. We will read from J. Keith Miller’s book A Hunger for Healing; The Twelve Steps as a classic model for Christian spiritual growth, as well as work our way through an accompanying series of DVDs. What we read and watch provides a starting point for sharing, for discussion, and for (hopefully) growth and healing. No previous experience with the 12 Steps is required. Regular attendance is not required. Anyone is welcome. The class will be facilitated by Steve Rolfe. 

God Still Speaks to Us Today: Lenten Reflections (March 6 to April 10): This class is a 6 week, 90 minute VIRTUAL Sunday afternoon class that will meet from 4-5:30pm. Time will include short readings and/or scripture, music, shared reflections, writing prompts, and 30 minutes for writing/journaling. The class is loosely based on the Lectio Divina model of meditation. Participants are requested to utilize both audio and video capabilities to provide a sense of community during this class time (video is exempt during writing time). If you have questions or to receive pre-class materials, contact Lavonne van der Zwaag.