To flow again

“I am one with the
source insofar as I act as a source, by making everything I have received flow
again—just like Jesus.”

-Raimon Panikkar, Christophany

I love this line from today’s Inward/Outward
daily quote.  It fits well
with our stewardship series.  It’s a good
image – to think of our time, talents, and treasure as things that flow.  They are things we have received flowing
towards us from the Source. We have choices about whether we allow them to dam
up and create our own personal reservoir, or whether we let them flow through

Reservoirs actually aren’t so bad an
idea.  Good planning involves
reservoirs.  They provide sustenance in
dry times.  Significant amounts of water,
when released strategically, can create hydro-electric power that empowers

The shadow side of this is that large
reservoirs can destroy sensitive surrounding habitat.  And how much is enough to collect before it’s
time to let it flow?

Extended metaphor over…almost.

Raimon Panikkar,
who himself flowed with such creativity and insight, is also saying that “making
everything that I have received flow again” is what makes us “one with the
source.”  “Just like Jesus.”  Good stewardship is a mystical experience in
which we embody the Divine life.

But I would still like to figure out
how to keep an assured reservoir of time. 
Not liking the odds.