Three years in sanctuary: A film and a (virtual) gathering

Next Friday, October 2, is Edith’s three year anniversary in sanctuary.  Along with these annual markers you may remember the 500th day falling on Valentine’s Day, 2019, and we observed the 1000th day during our June 28 pre-recorded worship service this year.  There’s a somberness to these occasions, but also an honoring of perseverance and a holy reminder of why Edith, and we as a congregation, are doing this work.  We gather.  We mark the time.  We honor the goodness.  We renew our prayers and commitments.  

We’re pleased that this three year mark coincides with the releasing of a short (20 minute) documentary film by Optimist.  These folks are good, and well-connected.  The film will air in March 2021 on HBO, another way of elevating Edith’s story on the national level.  It’s called “The Undocumented Lawyer” and is about Edith’s attorney Lizbeth, herself undocumented, and her work on Edith’s case.  You may find yourself or someone you know in the background of some of the footage.       

Edith’s best chance for a removal of her deportation order continues to be a private bill, first introduced last August by Rep. Joyce Beatty.  Since it would need to pass the President’s desk, a change of administration would greatly increase its chances, although it would take continued advocacy.   

For now there are two related ways to tune in and show support:

 (1) We have been given ticketed access to the full documentary from Sept 29 – Oct 5.  You can purchase a ticket ($12) HERE and watch it online anytime in that window.  100% of proceeds go to support Edith, so you get to watch an inspiring and informative film and support Edith at the same time. 

(2) Join us for a virtual gathering Friday, October 2, 7pm through THIS link (free to all).  We will mark Edith’s 3 years and have a panel discussion including Edith, Lizbeth, and the film producers.