The results are in…

I know you all have been waiting with bated breath, but wait no longer because the results of the 12 Hymn Nominations are in! 

But first, I feel like I should acknowledge that these results were not obtained in any real scientific way, and there were probably a number of factors at play that may have swayed the votes.  For instance, a couple songs on the list had been used recently in worship, which may have unfairly tipped the scales in their favor.  Also, no Advent/Christmas hymns made the top 12, but overall these were well represented in the nominations.

At the same time, I was happy to have received over 100 nomination forms and glad that we made a special effort to include the votes of children and youth.

All that to say that if your favorite song didn’t make the list, I hope you do not feel dismayed.  The top 12 hymns are listed below in order of their rank (ties are listed alphabetically), and these will be used as the focus of our summer worship services (but not necessarily in this order). 

Columbus Mennonite Top 12 Hymns:

  1. My life flows on (HWB 580)

  2. Praise God from whom (HWB 118, or “606”)

  3. When peace like a river (HWB 336)

  4. Will you let me be your servant (HWB 307)

  5. Amazing grace (HWB 143)

  6. The Lord bless you and keep you (STJ 76)

  7. What is this place (HWB 1)

  8. In the bulb there is a flower (HWB 614)

  9. My soul cries out (STS 124)

  10. Come, thou fount (HWB 521)

  11. Be Thou my vision (HWB 545)

  12. Rain down (STJ 49)