TEDx Columbus

During Sunday’s sermon I mentioned a TED talk given by Brene Brown called “The power of vulnerability.”  A link to that talk has been included in the sermon blog and can also be linked HERE.  The tagline of TED talks is “Ideas worth spreading,” and this is one talk, and idea, that is spreading well.

Speaking of TED talks, walking our kids to school each day has given us the chance to meet neighbors.  One of our neighbors on Oakland Park Ave, it turns out, is the organizer for TEDx Columbus.  TEDx events are independently organized (not just on the West Coast!) gatherings that highlight dynamic thinkers and doers in a particular locale.  The Columbus TEDx event was last Friday, October 11th, at COSI, featuring around 20 speakers.

We ran into that neighbor last night at the Clinton Elementary open house and I asked her if the videos from the talks are online yet and she mentioned that it should be happening by the end of this week.  She said it was the best event yet she had organized and that the speakers and performers were excellent.

I wish I knew more about the themes so as to be able to comment on a few talks to entice further viewing, but for now I’ll just give the link where the videos will be posted and note that you may want to keep an eye on that space over the next few days.  A list of the speakers can be found HERE and the Columbus TEDx home page is HERE.  Enjoy.

Hey, another possibility for a CMC small group: Viewing and discussing TED talks.