Sketching the story

Even though I’ve had my back to it for much its creation, The
Sketch (feels like it should be capitalized) has been a rich part of Lent

The idea came out of an initial observation that the
scripture readings for each week of Lent this year contain key images that fit
together into a coherent landscape.  That
landscape is now complete.

In the upper left is the wilderness of Lent 1 in which Jesus
fasted and listened for the Spirit’s path.

Lent 2 featured Abraham looking at the stars and Jesus
walking toward the city of Jerusalem

Lent 3 included the parable of the unfruitful fig tree (left
foreground) and an invitation to the living waters.

In Lent 4 we pondered the parable of the prodigal son (or
species) where the field on the right and animals took shape.  What an adorable pig.

The story of Lent 5 took place around a table where Jesus
was anointed with expensive perfume by Mary.

And last Sunday, Palm Sunday, the path into the city was
paved with palms and cloaks.  This path
leads to the cross.

It’s not a mistake that the table lands in the middle of
this image.  Surrounded by all this
beauty and trouble, we gather to eat and fellowship.  The table – and the bread and cup it holds –
is one of the central images of our faith. 
It was around this table that Jesus gathered with his closest companions
on this night of Holy Week – Maundy Thursday. 
At this table he assured them of his love for them, offered them bread
as a sign of his body, and washed their feet. 
Common and holy things happen around tables.  We believe with Jesus that the table is wide
enough for everyone, and there is enough for all to eat their fill.

The Sketch will also play a part in our worship for Easter,
and then it will remain up front throughout the Easter season until summer.

If you’re able, join us for the Good Friday service tomorrow
at 7:30pm.