Worship | Soul Work and the Great Work: Transitions and Ritual | September 26

The video above includes the full service, except for the time for sharing.

Permission to podcast/stream the music in this service obtained through One License with license A-727859.

Order of Worship | September 26



Names and Naming

Land Acknowledgement 

Call to Worship

     Come, let us gather for worship. 

From every corner and all the myriad paths we find ourselves on,

Let us gather now to praise the God who walks among us.                                                            

God of every season, guide our steps.


Come those from the West,

where sunsets mark the close of day, the transition into rest, 

and a letting go of all the good that could not be done.                                                                            

God of every season, guide our steps.


Come those from the North,

where stars point the way through uncertain paths,

darkness offers space for contemplation,                                                                   

God of every season, guide our steps.


Come those from the East,

where dawn’s rays surprise us,  the light of promise shines bright, 

and first steps feel alive with potential.                                                                                                            

God of every season, guide our steps.


Come those from the South,

where heat rises both around us and within, 

the day burns bright and true, and passion makes good work feel light.

God of every season, guide our steps.


From every corner, every path, and every season 

we come now to worship.  

God of every season, guide our steps.


Peace Candle 

VT 10 | Here in This Place

Children’s Time

Offering/Dedication Prayer

VT 191 | Come, O Thou Traveler Unknown

Scripture | Genesis 32:22-32; John 20:11-16

Meditations on Soul Work and the Great Work 


   Mirror Walk 

  Symbolic Objects 

  Song | Soul Work

  Mirror Walk

  Letter To My Present Self 

  Song  | Soul Work

Silent Reflection

VT 42 | Could It Be That God Is Singing

Congregational Blessing for Transitions Group 

Sharing of Joys and Concerns

Pastoral Prayer 

Passing the Peace

Extinguishing the Peace Candle 

VT 846 | The Lord Bless You and Keep You



Christian Education | 11:00 am


Thanks to everyone who helped lead today’s service

Transitions Group Participants | Dan Halterman, Dick Dawson, Jacqui Hoke, Kerry Strayer, Krisann Applegate, Julie Hart, Lavonne van der Zwaag, Phil Hart

Worship Leader | Joel Miller

Music coordination | Tom Blosser

Musician | Tracey Lehman

Children’s Time | Julie Hart

Peace Candle | Jacqui Hoke

Scripture Reading | Krisann Applegate

Zoom Host | Sarah Werner

Camera operator | Chris McCarthy

Sound operator | Jim Myers

Worship Table | Jenny Campagna

Greeter | JoAnn and Paul Knapke

Usher/Sanctuarian | Worship: Bill Plessinger; Christian Ed: Tim McCarthy