CMC Worship in Place | August 23 | Exodus series

Order of Worship 



Call to Worship 

Peace Candle 


As we worship in place today, we light a Peace Candle in our home.

May this flame be a sign of our prayer for peace within us, among us, to the ends of the earth.

The flame joins us in spirit across distance, along with our sister church in Armenia, Colombia.




Music Commentary

HWB 366 | God of grace and God of glory | Fred Suter, Marlene Suter, Julie Hart, Phil Hart

Children’s Time 

Offering/Dedication Prayer

HWB 164 | When Israel was in Egypt’s land | Phil Hart 

Scripture | Exodus 1:8-2:10

Sermon | Things To Do When You Fear God


HWB 446 | Wade in the water | Steve Rolfe, bass; Tom Blosser, piano;, Alexander Martin, violin, Phil Hart, guitar and vocals 

First Fruits Announcement

Sharing of Joys and Concerns 

Pastoral Prayer 

Extinguishing the Peace Candle 



Thanks to everyone who led today’s service:

Sermon: Rev. Dr. Jack Sullivan Jr., Ohio Council of Churches

Worship Leader: Julie Hart

Music coordination and commentary: Phil Hart

Children’s Time: Stried Family

Peace Candle: Meaghan Torres

Scripture Reading: Meaghan Torres

First Fruits Announcement: Scott Applegate