Remembering (how) to pray

I keep remembering and forgetting how to pray. 

This week a song helped me remember, again.  Perhaps you’ve already heard it.  It’s a piece of true pandemic-instigated artistry – a young adult musician couple, parents of a young child, with a canceled concert tour and related income, making music in the basement of his parent’s house.  And they’re in Ohio!

The Keep Going Song.”

It tells a bit about their story and becomes a prayer for themselves, for listeners, for the country, for the world:

   I hope your body is whole tonight. 

   And if your heart is breaking, I hope it’s breaking open

   And if your breath is shaking I hope it’s shaking through…

It touches on joy, rage, and grief – and relief.

Despite our forgetfulness, we are full of prayers.  We are full of prayers.  Sometimes they get dammed up, and then a song comes along and breaks them open and we…I…realize how deep the prayers are.  It’s a good time to be remembering how to pray, and to let those prayers manifest in song, shouts, silence, public service, protest, neighborly kindness, and acceptance of an inner peace that passes understanding.