Playing in the labyrinth


Inspired by the CMC children playing in the labyrinth in the fellowship hall on Sunday.


One way to walk a labyrinth

is to go slow, in quiet solitude.

Savor each step.

Mind the turns, the twists.

They, like your life,

fit a greater pattern

not easily perceived.

Go forward and,

though you don’t know how

to navigate

you will arrive in the center.


you could run.

You could weave and wind your way through,

nearly dizzy with delight.

Make a ruckus with friends,

sister and brother.

Stop occasionally for a dance break.

Break dance your way

into the center which cannot

hold you for long.

You move out as quickly as you came.

The lines can no longer contain you.

Either way,

adults and children know this rule:

Take off your shoes,

for this is

holy ground.