Phloem and Xylem: Being resurrected

Three things for this week’s blog:  1) A brief reflection on spring/resurrection.  2) CMC in the news.  3) Quarterly Sabbath Weekend note.


When spring is, finally, in full motion, one might be tempted to panic.  Life is pushing out everywhere, some grand revelation is underway, and my blurred eyes can barely perceive it.  How many more chances will I get?

“Raised up,” is how the Scriptures speak of resurrection.  The form is acted upon, effortless.  No one sees the moment when it happens, but there it is, in front of you.  The panic comes with the thought that everything has changed except me.

I want to see brand new and am tempted to squint harder.  No.  I want to be caught up in something as effortless as being resurrected.


In the last few weeks Columbus Mennonite has been in the news:

+ The Saturday, April 11 edition of the Dispatch included some quotes from Mark Rupp regarding Ohio ministers participating in support of marriage equality.

+ The Easter Sunday, April 5 edition of the Dispatch had a lead article on a number of congregations which hold sunrise services, including Columbus Menno.

+ CMCer Linda Mercadante appeared on the NBC Today Show for their Holy Week coverage on faith and spirituality in America.  Our church fellowship hall, along with a couple CMCers, makes a brief cameo, as does Ruth Massey’s Bible.

If you follow any of these links note that CMC appears in the second half of each of these.


This will be a Quarterly Sabbath Weekend for me.  We’ll be up in the Bellefontaine having a family work weekend at my sisiter’s house – painting, laying tile, and other such fun stuff.  It’s a brain Sabbath, not a body Sabbath, which is good on both accounts.  We also have hopes to go down to southern Ohio and see the wildflowers at the Arc of Appalachia, which claims to be one of the best spots for this in the US.