Over my head…

Last evening Ila had a softball game at Whetstone.  Not long into the game the sky darkened, the wind picked up, and it looked like it might pour.  Instead there was some distant thunder, a light rain, and a brilliant rainbow appearing across the eastern sky.  And the game went on.  The picture below was taken by Tom Blosser at his home, a few miles up the road.

A parable:

The kingdom of God is like this:

Children gathered to play a game in the park, surrounded by their parents.  During the game, a great storm began to brew.  But it soon transformed into a beautiful rainbow, spanning the sky over the field.  The children pointed with delight at the rainbow, announcing its presence to their friends and parents.  Some of the parents welcomed the diversion from the slow moving game and shifted their attention to the rainbow.  Other parents glanced up at the rainbow and instructed their child to stay focused on the game.  Soon, the children and the parents all found a way to resume the game and enjoy the persistent rainbow: dust and grass of the field, voices and effort of child and adult, mingling with light and arc of color of the heavens.     

Photo by Tom Blosser