November Sundays

November is in the air and the leaves are realizing they can’t hold on much longer.  As we begin a new month here is a preview of Sunday worship themes:

November 7: All Saints/Souls Observance

This Sunday is our annual time of remembrance for loved ones who have died.  Whether in the sanctuary or at home, we’ll light memorial candles and speak the names of those dear to us.  This is also the Sunday when I highlight an Anabaptist forebear during the sermon.  This time around we’ll look at Hans Denck who might have some things to say to us in a time of pestilence and polarization. 

November 14: Baby/Family Dedications

Just because we haven’t had a chance to do baby dedications during the pandemic doesn’t mean there aren’t babies to bless and welcome into the congregation.  There are ten young ones to celebrate!  We want to support families who wish to wait until they can be present in person, and those wishing to dedicate their child soon.  This will also serve as the final Sunday of our seven week Voices Together worship series.

November 21: Thanksgiving Service

On the Sunday before Thanksgiving we focus on gratitude.  In place of a sermon we hear three gratitude reflections.  We also bring an offering of nonperishable foods to be shared with the Community Resources Center in our Clintonville neighborhood.

November 28: First Sunday of Advent

When Christmas is on a Saturday, Advent starts early.  This year our worship theme will point us back to the essentials of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love.  Commissions and staff are also contributing toward Advent-at-home bags for each household to give us some common materials as we move into and through this season of expectation and incarnation.

Like the trees, may this season find us letting go of what is no longer needed, nourishing self and neighbor by what has been released, grateful for the roots that weave through the dark sustaining soil.