Living a Vision

This evening is the annual Commission Workshop.  This is when new and returning commission members, over 30 people, get together for a meal, get oriented to leadership and logistics, and have their first meeting of the commission year.  CMC commissions are Christian Ed, Community Life, Facilities, Shepherding, Worship, plus Leadership Team and the SHARE team – formerly Mission Coordinator.   

The lame ducks, as outgoing congregational chair Dan Halterman has referred to himself, have now completed their work and get a much-deserved rest.  Our commissions are the steadily paddling feet under the water of congregational life that keep us gracefully floating along.  Many, many thanks to everyone rotating off a commission.  Because of the time and creativity you gave, we didn’t just float, we flew! 

*extended metaphor over   

Also annually, Leadership Team creates a Vision for Ministry to guide commissions in their work.  The previous three included the phrase “beloved community.”  The Vision for Ministry for this coming commission year gives focus to growing in beloved community:

We will expand our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity in all areas of ministry. 

This is partly inspired by recent denominational resolutions on accessibility and inclusivity.  They are values we already have but recognize there is always more to learn, more room to grow.  Even seemingly small things can be significant.  Christian Ed Commission recently created sensory bags for children with extra sensory needs to have during worship.  Although we’ve had a family/accessible/all-gender restroom on the lower level for many years we recently improved signage.  Worship Commission is finalizing an order for new hearing assistance devices for the sanctuary. 

Whether you’re on a commission or not, we’re hopeful we can all contribute toward expanding accessibility and inclusivity throughout congregational life.