Jewish prayers

Our Jewish friends are fasting today.  They are praying for themselves and the world, for us.  They are confessing shortcomings, and remembering the Mercy that holds us all.

Today is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, a high point of the Jewish calendar.  As they have in past years, the Little Minyan congregation, under the leadership of Rabbi Jessica Shimberg, is worshiping in our building.

They are chanting Hebrew in a Mennonite sanctuary.  The Torah scroll, held in the Ark, is elevated in front of the congregation.  Behind it hangs the World banner that has focused our recent summer worship.  The Torah has a white cloth cover.  On the cloth is a tree with the Hebrew words Etz Chayim, The Tree of Life.  In Sunday’s sermon I mentioned that the Tree of Life shows up in Genesis, and doesn’t reappear until Revelation.  But that’s only one angle.  The Tree of Life lives in our time.  Without it we would wither.

Rabbi JessLittle Minyan Torah (2)ica shared with me that her congregation feels that this space is doubly blessed with Edith living here.  They are praying for her and others in similar circumstances.

As I write, a small group from the congregation is preparing the fellowship hall for the meal they will share together this evening as they break the fast at sunset.

Today I’m grateful for Jewish prayers and Jewish neighbors.  May they be for a blessing.

This picture was taken and shared with their permission.