Going deeper with Sanctuary

This Sunday we’ll begin a fall worship series focused on Sanctuary.  In the last month Sanctuary has become a major theme for our congregation.  We have practiced Sanctuary in our building and been a part of a mobile Sanctuary surrounding Edith at various times after she left our building.  It has been a very public commitment.  With Edith now at her Columbus home discerning next steps after being denied a stay of removal, we continue to be in a position of holding space.  Meanwhile, we are in the middle of a growing movement in the faith community.  Yesterday 30 people representing at least 10 congregations met at our building to discuss how we are all working on the sanctuary discussion in our own settings and how we might work together.  We have received invitations to speak at similar gatherings in northeast and southwest Ohio.
In our worship we’ll continue to ask what it means to be a sanctuary congregation.  Specifically, what is the history of sanctuary in the church and beyond the church?  What scriptures pertain to sanctuary?  What is the role of civil disobedience in the life of faith?  How does sanctuary intersect with the ministry of Jesus?  And, beyond our building, what does it mean for us to be sanctuary people in the broadest sense?  How do we create sanctuary space in our conversations, work places, and homes?  What is the inward journey of sanctuary?
This Sunday is also World Communion Sunday, so we’ll join with churches around the world at the generous and abundant table of bread and cup.