Generosity stimulus

Today, March 17, the IRS is releasing billions of dollars in stimulus money that will appear in bank accounts of American households.  I checked this morning and ours is already there.  That was fast.  This will be a lifeline for many who are out of work or behind on bills or have always struggled to keep up with basic living costs, or all of the above.  The flood of cash will no doubt stimulate the economy. 

For those of us in a more stable economic situation, perhaps it can also stimulate generosity.  Perhaps this giving takes the form of a stimulus tithe (10%), a nice round number ($100 or $1000), or giving the whole thing away.  Since children add to stimulus checks perhaps it’s a good opportunity for parents to ask their children where they’d like to direct the giving connected to that portion.  Of the many excellent places to direct one’s giving of stimulus money, I’m listing six below and including direct links for how to give.  And if you earn too much to get a stimulus check, no worries, you’re not disqualified from giving : )  

Fuller family GoFundMe: After surviving COVID, Kayla has had numerous health struggles and Jori has given the bulk of her time to caretaking rather than paid work.  As the medical bills piled up they set up a GoFundMe site which includes more information about their situation.    

Edith homecoming: Now living at home, Edith has applied for a work permit.  Until this goes through we will continue to support her basic living expenses through our Sanctuary Fund.  Please indicate “Sanctuary” in the memo line of the CMC Paypal.

MCC health kits: These kits provide basic hygiene items for people in need around the world.  We collect them annually.  This year Fred Suter will purchase all items with money donated. $15 buys a complete kit.  Please indicate “hygiene kits 2021” in the memo line of the CMC Paypal.

Homes on the Hill Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Program This fund keep west side families in their homes.   

Two local organizations have caught the attention of our Reparations Committee as the congregation moves toward splitting our annual reparation fund between Black and Indigenous-led organizations.

BQIC Columbus: The Black Queer and Intersectional Collective of Columbus is committed to “fighting for a world where Black LGBTQ+ people from all backgrounds can thrive.”  They have a mutual aid fund they distribute to those in need of emergency assistance and are fundraising for a physical organizing space.

NAICCO land campaign:   The Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio is “devoted to preserving and restoring balance in the lives of Native Americans through tradition, culture, family, community, wellness, and education driven values and initiatives.”  They are embarking on a campaign to purchase land and build a larger community center in Central Ohio.