Fellow Travelers and Co-Interpreters

It is that time of year again: time to start looking forward to our Coming of Age Celebration on February 4, 2018 during our Sunday morning worship.  Starting this coming Sunday, our Junior High Sunday School class will begin planning the worship service for February 4, offering their ideas, suggestions, and gifts to the shaping of that service.  During the celebration, we will specifically be lifting up three of our youth and being blessed by their gifts of leadership among us. 

These three young people have already blessed our congregation in many ways, but the Coming of Age ritual has become one of the ways we, as a congregation, lift up those gifts and recognize their role as fellow travelers and co-interpreters of this tradition we call Christianity.  My hope is that these young people take their role seriously, but, perhaps more importantly, my hope is that all of us “old” people take them and their gifts seriously too. 

As part of the celebration, we will once again be presenting the three youth with notebooks filled with notes written by the congregation.  All people, regardless of how well you know the youth, are invited to write notes.  They can be words of encouragement, scripture verses you find meaningful, a recognition of the specific gifts each youth has, or any other wisdom you want to pass along. 

More specific details for the cards:

- Notecards and explanations will be placed in all of the mailboxes.  If you do not have a mailbox or you would like more notecards for your household, feel free to use your own cards or take some from the table in the foyer.
- Please do not write on the reverse side of the card.  The notes will be made into scrapbook style pages, which makes it hard to read the back.  If you need more room, feel free to use whatever paper best fits your needs. 
- Please make sure we can tell who the note is for, and also sign your name so the youth know who it is from. 
- Notes may be emailed to me, but handwritten notes are preferred since they give a bit of a personal touch. 
- Please return all notes to me by January 28.