Faith, values, and the 2016 election

If this election season is sucking your will to live, here’s a breath of fresh air.  HERE is a reflection guide for voters called “Faith, Values, and the 2016 Election: Toward a Politics of the Golden Rule.”  It is published by Faith in Public Life and has strong ecumenical and interfaith endorsement.  The Ohio Director of Faith in Public Life, Amanda Hoyt, lives just up the street from the church and is delivering these far and wide.  We’ll have paper copies on the table by the entrance to the sanctuary.

In four pages the booklet gives commentary and broad policy proposals with these headers:

An Economy of Inclusion
Global Warming: A threat to creation and our children’s future
Dignity, Welcome, and Citizenship for Immigrants
Gun Violence
Restorative and Racial Justice
Protecting our Nation, Affirming our Values

The Introduction to the booklet states: “Politics as usual is insufficient for the urgent task of addressing the defining moral issues of our time…Religious leaders and ordinary people of faith have always been at the forefront of struggles for justice…This reflection guide provides a framework to think about key moral issues heading into the election.”

What I especially appreciate about the booklet is that the framework continues past election day and gives a common language for promoting the policies that we hope to lead to a more just, equitable, sustainable, and caring world.

Peace and fresh breath to you.