Faces and names

So you’ve been talking with or saying hello to that person at church for months, or years, and you appreciate the relationship.  There’s just one thing slightly uncomfortable about it.  You have no clue what their name is, and now it’s to the point where it’s embarrassing to ask.  I know this about you because many of you have mentioned to me that you regularly have this experience.

We put a high value on being community for each other, and we are blessed with enough of us hanging around in this congregation that it’s hard to remember names of more than just a close circle of relationships.

You are not alone – and now help is on the way : )

In the spirit of building community, Gwen has been working hard to assemble a new CMC picture directory – with names!  It is completed and is waiting in your church mailbox.  If you don’t have a mailbox, or didn’t even know such a thing exists, you can pick up a directory in the foyer.

Lent is winding down, but one more option for a Lenten discipline is to get to know some of those names that have escaped you thus far.  While we’re at it, how cool would it be if everyone worked at getting to know the names of all the children in the congregation?  Being called by name by non-family adults has been shown to have a direct impact on children’s sense of well-being.  A next step could be getting to know the names of people 70 and over.  We have some amazing ‘mature’ adults in this congregation with rich life experiences.  If remembering names come hard for you, feel free to remind others of your name.

We can do it!