Christian Education

Event Date: 
Sunday, September 13, 2020 - 11:00am

Our Christian Education classes are being offered via Zoom. Classes begin September 13. Information on Adult and Children's classes can be found below.

Children and Youth Classes

Classes Meeting at 11am (via Zoom):

PreK/K: First Sunday of the month (make up day on Sept. 13)

1st/2nd Grade: Second Sunday of the month

3rd Grade: Third Sunday of the month

4th/5th Grade: Fourth Sunday of the month (make-up day Dec. 20)

Classes Meeting at 1pm (via Zoom):

Jr.High (6th-8th): First and third Sundays

High School (9th-12th): Second and fourth Sundays

Adult Christian Education groups will meet by Zoom Sundays at 11:00am (excluding Cookie Sundays) beginning September 13 through the end of October; another group of classes will be offered in November and December. A third class will be offered for the early fall session:

1.       Sermon/Lectionary Discussion: Each session will begin by discussing the sermon of the morning.  What caught your attention?  What questions and thoughts did it provoke?  For the second part we will read and discuss the scripture for the upcoming Sunday, providing a starting point for sermon formation.  This is an open group.  Join for one or all sessions.  Sept. 13 - Oct. 25.  Facilitated by Joel Miller

2.       Learning with the Enneagram: Personality tests can provide insight into your ways of interacting with others, learning, and operating in the world.  In this class, we will take the Enneagram indicator, and use the results to learn more about ourselves, our gifts, means of self-improvement, and how we relate to God. Sept. 13 - Oct. 25.  Facilitated by Kerry Strayer. Space is limited—signup coming.