Daily words

I’m not one to flood my inbox with email subscriptions, but there are two daily meditations that regularly feed my soul.  One is from Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest who is a prolific writer and speaker.  He writes out of a Christian framework, but draws frequently from other wisdom traditions on themes of overcoming dualistic thinking, union with God and our true self, and combining contemplation and action in the life of faith.  I know that a number of you already receive his daily emails.  If you don’t and have interest, HERE is where to sign up.

The other daily meditation I regularly read is called Inward/Outward and is a project of Church of the Saviour in Washington, DC (Sign up page). It gives a quote taken from a mix of mostly contemporary, but also some ancient, spiritual writers.  Today’s is from Letty Russell, from her book Church in the Round, and speaks to one of the meanings of Communion.  Incidentally, it’s been a bit of a Communion drought at CMC, but we will be participating in World Communion Sunday on October 6th.   

“Often persons are excluded from the tables of life, both through denial of shared food and resources and through denial of shared naming and decision making for their community, nation or world. At God’s final banquet, all will be invited and able to feast together. Like the eucharist and like the church that gathers at Christ’s table, the round table is a sign of the coming unity of humanity. It achieves its power as a metaphor only as the already of welcome, sharing, talk and partnership opposes the not yet of our divided and dominated world.”