Daily Connector | Why Are You Sad, O My Soul? | Jim Leonard

Near the end of March, there was a stretch of several days when I was feeling pretty blue, and I was acting that way. 

Although I do get blue now and then, it was unusual for me to stay in a funk for several days.

“Why are downcast, O my soul?” came to mind.  Psalm 42:5-6 (NRSV) says:


Why are you cast down, O my soul,

    and why are you disquieted within me?

Hope in God; for I shall again praise him,

    my help and my God. 


(These words also appear verbatim in Psalm 42:11, and then again in Psalm 43:5.)

Pondering the “why” question of the psalmist, I was pretty sure I knew the answer:  I was very sad because everything I was learning about the pandemic was pointing to the reality that the nation’s and

the world’s most vulnerable peoples will disproportionately bear the brunt of what’s unfolding.


I wrote a short song, attached, with these faintly-rhyming words:


Why are you sad, O my soul,

And why are you so depressed?

Put your hope in God, who knows.

I’ll again praise God, my source of help.


I was in my dark mood at the time I connected with my spiritual guide. I told him what was going on.  He said, “Jim, sometimes when I’m going through a dark time, my body just needs to cry out – and

then my mind and my heart can deal with things.”  After that session, I picked up my guitar and wailed my new song loudly for 30 minutes … and the darkness disappeared.


I’m putting my hope in God, my source of help.


PS on April 17.  I am increasingly hopeful.  I see and hear signs that a great and growing number people, myself included, are not willing to go back to where the world was before the pandemic. 

Systemic change will require lots of transformed lives.  I know the first life that needs to be transformed.

Why Are You Sad, O My Soul? (score)


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