Daily Connector | UGH.. another gratitude journal | Brent Miller

If you are like me, there are certain buzzwords out there in the world that elicit a visceral response that can ruin your day. If I get invited one more time to “mastermind (used as a verb) about potential innovation that can 10X our vertical growth by leveraging human assets to become influencers and thought leaders within our space,” I’m gonna lose it. One of those terms is “GRATITUDE JOURNAL.”

I love the idea of a gratitude journal, but for whatever reason, those words put together make me cringe. However, I do practice journaling…about gratitude…in my as-yet-unnamed, but certainly NOT “gratitude journal.” Maybe my “Thankfulness Notebook.” Whatever one chooses to call it, here is a list of gratitudes that have spilled out since Covid hit.

1.       SO MUCH less driving.
2.       No in-person office meetings/social events.
3.       No networking events.
4.       No more handshakes and faux interest in that colleague(s) that you’re not particularly keen on while loading your plates at the aforementioned office meeting or networking event.
5.       People keep their distance at the grocery store! (a pet peeve of mine for YEARS)
6.       SO MUCH less driving.
7.       Since March 13, I have not had to care if my socks/shoes/belt/whatever match.
8.       I only comb my hair if I have a Zoom meeting scheduled. Even then, I barely put my heart into it.
9.       Haven’t worn a tie since March; nor have I thought of a good reason to ever wear one again.
10.   Much more time for quiet contemplation.
11.   SO MUCH less driving.
12.   Finding my “authentic self.”
13.   More time to count the little things.
14.   Getting to know my kids so much better.
15.   Taking stock of what REALLY matters to me.
16.   Morning hugs have more meaning.
17.   My wife had a mild case and is recovering well from Covid.
18.   Re-imagining faith and relationship with God, Jesus, Christ, community.
19.   SO MUCH less driving.
20.   2021 is here!