Daily Connector | The reach of our love | Nancy Franke

I have been taken by a book of poetry written by Ellen Kreider's late husband, David Wirick, Where There is Darkness, Light. The following is one that struck me as I was contemplating the many small kindnesses Maris and I have experienced during this time of isolation.  We have had phone calls, texts, and notes in our mailbox from many friends and neighbors, some of whom we hardly know. Offerings of shopping, errands, or just conversation and sharing stories.  Thank you, David for leaving us your words that, as you explain, may help us "find our home in God's grace."


For Good Deeds

Can loving stop a bullet
     Or praying feed a hungry child?

Can compassion prevent a bomb from falling
     Or wishing stop a despot's march?

Can a single meal end starvation
     Or a sick-room visit turn back disease?

Can one peaceful person put a stop to war
     Or one kind word soothe a wounded soul?

When hunger and pain afflict so many,
     And hate and war are commonplace,   
     How can our feeble efforts
     Bring solace, peace, or hope?

And God answers,
     That the force of love cannot be measured,
     And the caring deeds of men and women
     Form an unseen stream of  joy and light.

And no one knows the reach of our love
     Or the flowers of good
     That might blossom and grow
     From one meager seed of caring.