Daily Connector | Staying Busy | Jacob Reiser

Hi Everyone!

I have been off work from my job in the cafeteria at The Wellington School in Upper Arlington since mid-March, but I have been keeping busy.

I have been biking or walking outside every day and also exercising 5 days each week using either the stationary bike or treadmill. I bake a lot with mom and I help dad with yard work. He even showed me how to use the leaf shredder in the spring. I like to visit the creek in our backyard every day to see if there is anything new in there. One day, I found a black snake on the rock in the creek.

In late spring and early summer, the day program that I usually attend when I am not working, was offering the programming virtually, so I was able to log on a couple days a week for 11 weeks. They only have in-person programming now and I have not been attending.

My brother, Nathan, got married on July 11th and I was the best man! I gave the best man speech at the reception. It was a fun day. I also turned 28 on July 16th and got presents- that was fun too!

Other things that I like to do are strum my guitar, play my drums, and practice piano. And of course, listen to my cds. I also like to play video games, especially Wii.

This weekend we went to the Miracle League baseball field and I got to hit some balls. All my sports that I regularly participate in have been cancelled so it was great to be able to be back on the field on Sunday, even if Dad, Mom, and I were the only ones there.

I am supposed to go back to work on August 24 for training, but we don't know if the school will actually open or not.

Here are three pictures from my time at home.