Daily Connector | Spring is in the air | Marlene Suter

I'm dreaming of spring. I know, it's only October, but this is the time of year when I plant spring-flowering bulbs and anticipate those first few days of warm sunshine and signs of new life. Spring is hands-down my favorite season, and my love for spring flowers is a big part of that.

I order bulbs from a couple websites, and I supplement those by browsing the bulb bins at Oakland nursery. I have lists of bulbs I 'need' generated from garden maps and notes from previous years' plantings. I spend hours planning, flipping through catalogs and imagining new combinations in the garden. Some would call it crazy. I call it fun. And challenging. And soul-nurturing.

I placed my orders early this year (a little extra time on my hands), around mid-September. One company was out of a couple 'important' varieties, so I had to alter the plan and order some more. I sent a box to my niece and 7 year-old grand-niece in Wisconsin for their spring garden. (I believe bulb planting is contagious and I encourage it in others).

I noticed in late September that many bulb varieties were sold out. Then one site shut down orders for a week because they were swamped. Two weeks later they did it again! Clearly, bulb planting is big this year. Everyone is dreaming of spring! I'm sure glad I ordered early for a change. If you're already longing for spring, bulbs are an antidote, and I think you need to get some in the ground.  Now I need to get to Oakland nursery to see what's left in their bulb bins. You'd better hope you beat me to it!