Daily Connector | Profound peace found | Erin Kelty

In some ways, the changes over the past few weeks have seemed like the fulfillment of some global New Year’s resolution: Simplify. Rethink priorities. Spend more time with family. Within 24 hours we were wrenched from a world of external plans, priorities, and relationships to focus on the people and places in our most intimate sphere. That abrupt shift, the stripping away of anything that distracts from health and safety, has brought a profound peace.

Having redefined what it means to have “enough,” peace has come from finding out that we have it- enough food, enough connection to loved ones, enough work, play, and rest to fill the days. There is enough hope for the future and enough faith in the men and women working on the front lines to treat, manage, and prevent this illness. There isn’t an abundance of anything. But there is enough for today.