Daily Connector | Part V: Repent. Repair. Real Estate | Brent Miller

A couple of years ago I attended a panel on civil rights and fair housing issues. One panelist (“Panelist A”) was adamant that the only way to reparation and repentance would come through one-on-one conversations. It needs to start at home. At work. With our children and with our neighbors. It’s a grass roots movement that requires discernment, communion, and conversation.

While Panelist A was imparting this, Panelist B – a civil rights attorney and friend of mine – could be seen rolling his eyes and fidgeting in his chair.

When Panelist B took the podium, it became clear that his opinion was different. He intimated that the only way to bring about REAL change is through legislation and especially litigation. When left to our own devices we humans are all too comfortable with the status quo and will only change when we are forced to change.

I admire the hope of Panelist A. I like the idea of change through interaction with another human. I like the idea of transformation from the bottom up. I like the long-term, systemic repair.

I admire that Panelist B is ready to get into someone’s face and get it done. I admire his passion and commitment to making it right even if it is by getting into the weeds and being confrontational. I like the relative quickness option.
Where do we stand on this? Can we blend the two?