Daily Connector | Opportunity to Socialize – Action Required (really) | Ruth Massey

The CMC Survey gathered results that 80+ people would like to gather in small social groups. Mim Halterman and Ruth Massey will be facilitating opportunities for folks to socialize safely in person during this time of the pandemic. The idea is similar to the Winter Dinner Groups but in this case, it will be Summer Social Groups. This is a chance to visit with someone you haven’t seen in person recently. For this first meeting we recommend gathering without a meal/food to see how it feels and works.

To start the process, we would like to gather a list of households who are interested in hosting a small outdoor social gathering of 10 or less people and a list of people who are interested in attending. We will assign the guests and the hosting household will contact the guests and decide on a date within the next month. HOSTS: Please indicate how many people you would like at your outdoor gathering AND whether you would accommodate one family.

We would like to facilitate these outdoor gatherings for the next three months while we have good weather.

We suggest following these guidelines:

 Keep gatherings to 10 or less people including yourself (4-8 works best)
 Check with your guests on what their comfort level is and accommodate if possible
 Communicate expectations clearly prior to meeting
 Have an area large enough for individuals (or families) to be separated by 6 feet with ability to hear each other
 Ask guests to bring their own chair and water
 Ask guests to wear masks until everyone is settled or when closer than 6 feet
 Have hand sanitizer available

Please contact Ruth Massey by WEDNESDAY if you will host and/or would like to be a guest.


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Mim Halterman
Columbus Mennonite Church
Administrative Assistant
KCMCS Program Coordinator