Daily Connector | My pandemic life | Becky Waybill

I've really appreciated everyone's sharing and all the work that has gone into the Daily Connector and weekly worship services. Although I've never responded to someone's Daily Connector, I've really enjoyed reading about your lives and am so thankful that you shared. It takes a village, people! And it's one amazing village that I'm happy to be a part of.

My routine since the pandemic started has not actually changed much. I'm still working full time at OSU Dodd Hall Admissions. I did not choose to work from home. I'm sort of command central with my position and so it wouldn't have made sense. We've had a handful of patients who were COVID +, but treated and cleared before their rehab started. We've made all of our rooms private rooms for the unforeseeable future which equates to not working at full capacity. We continue to wear masks (goggles too for direct patient care staff). We get our temperature checked daily. I'm so appreciative to be in a job where being laid off is not really an option, but in some aspects, I also wouldn't have minded having an extended break. 

Life outside of work continues to roll on. There are no regular get-togethers with family or friends, but I'm not the most social person either. I did get together with friends a couple times for which I'm grateful, albeit distantly. My brother and sister-in-law retired and moved to VA when the pandemic started. We never had a proper goodbye, but at least I see them and the rest of my family via the occasional Zoom and Snapchat. I miss them all and can't wait to meet my new great nephew! I do basically like my time alone though, with my cats, on my couch, watching TV and doing puzzles on my phone. I'm surrounded by people all day at work. At the end of my work day, I crave me time. I'm a single person. It's what I'm used to!

I've ordered carry out a titch more to help support restaurants. It's the least I can do, right?! Neighbors offered me eggs when they bought 7 dozen. No one offered me toilet paper though. Hmmm. Others offered me condolences when I put my dog Luna down last month. Friends of church offered words of appreciation for the beautiful church flowers/beds while I was weeding. It's a lot of work, gardening. And at times I feel really burned out. But the rewards of less weeds, edged beds, blooming flowers, healthy greenery and multiplying plants (those that I WANT to spread), help sustain me from week to week.