Daily Connector | Mentorship Companion Piece | Zac Coble

Part 2

(WARNING: Contains Star Wars puns and some Star Wars references)

Early this year before quarantine, my mom asked me if I wanted a mentor. I said yes almost immediately because my sister seemed to be having fun with it, I love church, and I love socialization. A week before we were notified about the quarantine I had decided who I wanted to mentor me. It was Bill Plessinger! I already knew a few things about him. I knew that he liked the outdoors (like me) and I knew that we were both super crazy Star Wars fans. I was getting really excited about the mentorship, and then the quarantine rolled around. I was okay with it at first, because that meant a bunch of free time to go to the skate park, and then we got the news that It was going to be WAAAAAAY longer than that. I kept asking myself is this how old Ben felt? Being stuck in the same place for what feels like forever? I knew that it was going to feel like a long time in quarantine. I may have felt like I was in a galaxy far, far away from my friends, but I wasn't going to throw a Fett over It (get it?). So I kept in touch with Bill by checking my mom’s email and replying to his messages. Then Bill got the idea for the Mangalorean helmet. Getting news of that made my spirits skyrocket. I had so many ideas! Whatever design I chose was going to be super cool! You have probably already seen the final product and know how cool it is, so there is not much else to say other than the fact that it is amazing. Anyways, the quarantined mentorship has been fun on its own so I can’t wait until we go in-person. The mentorship has kept my spirits up a lot.