Daily Connector | Mentor and Mentee Trivia Night | Gretchen Geyer

The pandemic has certainly altered the ways that mentors and mentees are able to connect but those relationships continue to blossom. I've heard of, or participated in, many fun activities: game night, cooking lessons, crafting and more. Last Friday night was no exception.

Nine mentor/mentee pairs came together for a fiercely competitive and boisterous trivia night!

Lots of dancing accompanied the Disney songs that were played to introduce each round (unfortunately none caught in a photo).

I was thoroughly impressed by the knowledge of all of the mentees! Questions that I considered hard (or only knew thanks to the internet) were easy as pie for many of them.

Some answers weren't known right off the bat but could be determined using what we had around us (how many teeth does an adult human have?!).

Star Wars was discussed numerous times throughout the evening, which was a perfect segway into our final round (Zac Coble displaying the Mandalorian helmet he and his mentor Bill made).

Are these names from the Bible or Star Wars?


It was great to see so many faces that I miss so dearly. The enthusiasm throughout the night certainly led me to believe that second trivia evening is in order!

Answers to above questions:
Adult teeth - 32
Anani - Bible
Beru - Star Wars: Luke’s Aunt
Jobal - Star Wars: Padme’s mom
Gomer - Bible
Noah - Bible
Shmi - Star Wars: Anikan’s mom
Ichabod - Bible
Obi-Wan - Star Wars