Daily Connector | Legos | David Emch

I’ve started seeing most of my clients again in person. I still have a few that are online, but it’s so nice to be back in my office – with all of my toys. Earlier this summer I took a continuing ed class on how to incorporate Legos into a play therapy session with kids. It was so exciting and right afterwards I put out a call to our network here in Chiang Mai asking if anyone had any Legos that they would want to donate. I got thousands. I literally have all of the donated Legos into two large plastic tubs. I had to ask that the donations be stopped.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been cleaning and sorting Legos. And, if I’m being honest, I’ve been reliving a lot of my childhood - building castles and spaceships and creating stories in a pretend universe. I’ve also been imagining all of the ways that I can use these Legos with kids.

My current favorite game involves two sets of 16 pieces of Legos. Each set has the exact same pieces in the exact same color. Then the child and I sit back to back. One of us builds something with all of the pieces, and then, without peeking, we try to communicate to the other person how to build our creation. So many different skills required!

Do you know that sound of someone searching through a box of Legos? What does that make you think of, or feel? I love it! I love the determined search finished with the reward of finding that perfect piece!

I don’t have a huge point to all of this. But, it’s what I’ve been up to these days – Legos.

I’m grateful for a generous community that donated so much! I’m grateful for the ability to sit with children again, in person! And, I’m grateful to be able to play with Legos!

I’m including a picture of my latest creation. I call it the Portal of International Teleportation. It allows me to visit the US and then be able to return to Thailand anytime I want!