Daily Connector | Jigsaw Puzzles | Nancy Franke

One of my distractions during the pandemic has been jigsaw puzzles.  I used to work on jigsaw puzzles during my college breaks to destress.  Having rarely indulged in this pastime since then, I rediscovered puzzling to be a good way to fill some otherwise empty hours.  When Jim and Patti learned I liked puzzles, they gave me a 1000-piece puzzle of Ohio State’s football stadium.  It was a fun way to stay connected during our days of separation as I periodically sent them photos of my progress.  I made it my goal to have the puzzle completed in time for the Championship game as a good luck charm.  (You see how that worked out!)

My other COVID puzzle project was a puzzle entitled “Toys from the Attic”.  Jori and Kayla came over one evening before the pandemic for some puzzling and got me started.  It’s probably one of the most difficult puzzles I have done, as there were very limited possibilities for creating clusters of pieces with similar color and pattern.  I may have scuttled the project, except that I happened to be working on it during the time of lockdown and significant stress in the Fuller family.  Somehow the puzzle became a mechanism for being in solidarity with them and a metaphor and prayer of sorts to support them during this most difficult time.

I know that many of you have also been puzzling during the pandemic and I would love to see your work if you have photos.