Daily Connector | In the dark groping for light | Linda Mercadante

At first I thought I would "use" the quarantine to clean out some cupboards and do a lot of writing, but that's not what happened. Instead, we adopted a kitty, I taught him how to meow (he was voiceless when we first got him) and I mastered the art of sourdough creation and baking. I thought I would find a way to resolve my relationship with MTSO but all my efforts met dead ends. Instead, some lovely, caring CMCers offered to hold a healing service and that made a big difference. I thought we might never be able to go camping again, but they belatedly opened our members’ campground and we are spending a few days (properly social distancing) there now.

I started out this quarantine with plans but increasingly have felt like a wind-up toy which is winding down. None of my plans or fears were right. What does all this mean? God is in control, not me? I'm not sure. I needed to slow down? Maybe.  When all your doors close, new ones open? Not seeing it. So I'm a theologian without a meta-narrative and that feels weird. I guess we are all in suspense and groping in the dark for some light.