Daily Connector | I Matter | Brent (and Issac) Miller

Being the big kids on campus, a select group of 4th graders at JC Sommer Elementary are entrusted to be “Fourth Grade Ambassadors.” It is a program in which this group has the opportunity – nay, responsibility - to serve the younger kids at school in various ways: By welcoming them to school each day, helping them get to the right places, and just basically being a guide for the Kindergarteners - 3rd graders.

A couple of weeks ago, I was taking out our recycling and found a typed note in our mudroom. It was written by my son, Isaac:
“I matter because I am a Fourth Grade Ambassador. I get to greet people at school and I get to say ‘hi’ to EVERYBODY. I get to tell them that their day is going to be amazing. It is really nice to see other people when you know that you will have a good day.”

I cannot put into words how much I admire this kid. If you recall from a couple of weeks ago, I talked about the 5 non-negotiable “Black Sheep” values. The “Black Sheep” I am currently operating under are Service, Connection, Human-Centric, Authenticity, and Self-Awareness. Isaac’s paragraph covers all of those with simple joy and a sense of purpose that we adults sometimes forget about. Obviously, I want him to grow up and identify his very own set of non-negotiable values, but I like the start that he has here.

We don’t have to do “BIG THINGS” to matter. Sometimes a simple “good morning, you are going to have an amazing day,” is all that someone needs to actually set them on course to have an amazing day.

With that, Isaac’s and my wish to you is that you will make today an amazing day.