Daily Connector | I am changing my narrative | Brent Miller

By all accounts, 2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges – at least, unprecedented in MY lifetime. No one can deny the sadness, the anger, the hurt, and the feelings of loss that we have all felt.

If 2020 was food, it would be toothpaste and orange juice flavored potato chips.

HOWEVER…it is time to change the narrative. It’s time to stop thinking of 2020 as a complete disaster. It’s time to take stock of my blessings and tally my victories. 2020 has taught me a couple of lessons:
     1. Focus on the things that TRULY matter in my life. A large percentage of the “stuff” that I had let bother me on any given day prior to March 13, 2020 really shouldn’t have been bothering me all that much.
     2. It’s OK to slow down. It’s ok to say no if I’m not “feeling it” (whatever “it” is). It’s OK to bask in the safety, love, and comfort of those that I am hunkered down with and ignore my other “responsibilities.”

As I look back over the last few months, for every sadness I have felt, I have been the receiver of 10 smiles (I see them behind those masks)! For all of the anger I have felt, I have been the recipient of far more joy. For every hurt, I have been salved tenfold. For every loss, I have gained so much more.

I would never wish for a global pandemic, an assault on people of color, lockdowns, the most wretched election cycle I have ever experienced, or any of the other curveballs we have been thrown this year, but I am changing my narrative. Here is a brief list of how I am reframing 2020:

-I have (thus far) survived a nationwide pandemic…if you’re reading this, so have you!!! REJOICE and cherish every breath that you take!

-I was given the opportunity to spend – based on some quick math – about 900 extra hours with my wife and children that would have otherwise been in separate locales (work or school). If you assume 16 waking hours each day, I have received over 56.25 ADDITIONAL DAYS WITH MY FAMILY. What a privilege!

-I have learned to survive some incredibly challenging things – we all have. I’ve been able to maintain, and grow, a business that relies heavily on personal interaction while maintaining distance. I am 100% commission with no benefits and no safety net, but I have adapted and achieved. I’m unbelievably grateful for the clients that work with me and I love them dearly. We’ve persevered together.

-At last count, I have had the honor of hosting 31 Zoom meetings with the group of CMC men that used to meet at Bob Evans on Friday mornings. Because of my schedule, I would not have this opportunity if life was “normal.” Every Friday morning at 6:30, I can pick the brains of 12-15 REALLY smart, REALLY encouraging, and REALLY committed men. It is my favorite means of cultivating beloved community.

-I’m no Dan Halterman, but I have set a record for the number of books read in any given year. I’ve read more books since March than I read in all of my 30s. Which explains a lot of my 30s now that I think over it.

-I’m no Dan Lehman, but I have ridden more miles on my bicycle in 2020 than I have in any other year.

-I’ve committed to getting into better shape and have been consistently measuring my progress. I’ve only lost 6 lbs., but I have cut my body fat percentage by 11%, trimmed off 27 lbs. of fat and added 21 lbs. of muscle at my last check in. I FEEL GREAT.

The point is, it is very easy to focus on the negative stuff. Guess what though? It’s not too hard to focus on the positive stuff either. I invite you to make a list like mine. I would love to hear, see, or talk to you about your list. Let me know. I can be reached at 614-296-2439 or bmillerrealestate@gmail.com.

I have signed up to write the Daily Connector for every Monday in November and I hope to continue talking about adjusting the narrative. Let’s hope tomorrow’s election doesn’t throw me too much of a curveball.