Daily Connector | Etro Stars Quilt | Virginia Nussbaum

In October of 2019 I began working on a quilt I had agreed to make, but had delayed starting.  Nearly eleven months later, it is finally finished, and has been sent to the people who asked me to make it.  They are delighted with the quilt.

During that time life has gone on: time with family, other projects, gardening and storing garden produce for the months ahead, and working from home during COVID-19. 

If you are a person who likes numbers, here are some about this quilt.  It is 108" x 120" and has 72 blocks with 24 pieces in each block, for a total of 1,728 smallish pieces of fabric in the blocks of the quilt.  It took approximately 150 hours to make.  According to my long-arm quilting machine, there are more than 230,000 quilting stitches in the quilt. 

I find myself filled with a sense of accomplishment at completing this quilt, and a bit of a sense of loss sending it on its way, especially without the opportunity to share the completed work with friends.  So I share a picture of the quilt with you here.