Coming of Age, Sharing Our Wisdom

I recently read an article about what it means to seek wisdom and was reflecting on how one of my favorite ways to think about this thing we call Christianity is as a “wisdom tradition.” As the article suggests, wisdom can be hard to pin down or define, but it always goes beyond just a collection of facts or ideas. As a “wisdom tradition” Christianity is less about the intellectual assent to a list of beliefs and more about the ever-evolving, communal practice of wrestling with how the stories, teachings, and poetry of our tradition can help us lead more meaningful lives.

And as the article further suggests, wisdom is about recognizing our own limitations and learning from those who offer wisdom different than our own.  We will have the opportunity to partake in this kind of wisdom-sharing with our upcoming Coming of Age Celebration on February 5th. For those who are newer to CMC, this is when we honor our current 6th graders by giving them the space to lead us in worship, bringing their own voices, ideas, and wisdom. 

The congregation also has an opportunity to share our wisdom with these young people by writing notes of blessing that will be compiled and presented during the service.  All people, regardless of how well you know the young people, are invited to write notes. They can be words of encouragement, scripture verses you find meaningful, a recognition of the specific gifts each youth has, or any other wisdom you want to pass along. 

Perhaps you could ask yourself, “What do I wish someone had said to me when I was that age?”

You can submit your notes of blessing using the online form found HERE (more instructions are at the top of the form). You are also welcome to handwrite your notes. If you do so, please only write on one side, and make sure it is clear who the note is for. This year we will be honoring Isaac Miller, James Neese, and Clara Troyer.

Both handwritten and electronically submitted notes are due no later than January 29th. 

Every year after the service has finished, I always enjoy watching the Coming of Age participants poring over their notebooks full of blessings, so I hope you will help us fill them with all kinds of wisdom and blessings.