CMC Advent 2013 haikus

I had some fun writing four haikus that hopefully capture some of the spirit of Advent at Columbus Mennonite this season. If you have one send it my way and I’ll add it to the blog:

Come in from the cold
Mystery saved you a seat
Watch. Christ will sneak in.

Lion, lamb, mice, birds,
Murmurating with Mennos
Peace could find us yet

Isaiah foretold:
Children shall lead them, a play
In which all have parts

How to fill a church:
Create beautiful music
People will show up


These four comes from Paul R:

Light a candle, Love

Heard our prayers and answered! Joy:

Harbinger of Peace.


Second candle lit

Half the circle burning bright

Redemption draws near.


Light another. Ask:

Who wise men and shepherds seek?

Who answers His knock?


Fourth and final flame:

Contemplate the mystery

Christ, for us, is born!