Back in late March I was bemoaning on Facebook the constant lack of unflavored yogurt at the grocery store. Yogurt, plain, is a staple of my diet since I have it for breakfast every morning, and I was feeling disoriented enough with everything else. I didn’t want to lose yogurt too. Jenny Campagna gently suggested that I just make my own in the Instant Pot. This has been a long-term goal, to make my own yogurt, for a few years in order to cut down on my plastic waste, but I always drug my feet about it. It’s hard to do new things, but since I didn’t have any other...

Like many of you, I have been doing a lot of listening these last few days, wary of adding my own voice in any way that would de-center the voices of Black people or other people of color.  I have sat uncomfortably with the anger, sadness, grief, and terror that I have heard and seen, not allowing myself to move on too quickly or be too easily soothed by the occasional feel-good image that rolls past.

We need to let ourselves feel deeply.  We need to resist saying “peace, peace” when the reality for so many of us and our neighbors is far from peace. 

Yet while those of us who...

Double pneumonia
On vent for 20 days
Femoral artery blew
At least 6 units of blood
Hemoglobin and blood pressure tanked
In hospital for a month and a half
Huge wound to pack and heal.
Delusions really scary and confusing.
No voice
Asthma kicked up
Glasses lost, adding to disorientation.
Shots, needles pic line, feeding tube, blood sugar monitored, high protein diet now for wound healing. Changing packing hurts and stings.
Smell of bleach, lots of tears, but has to be done to heal....

Being a member of CMC for just about 3 years now, I have really enjoyed reading the stories that everyone has been sharing on the ‘Daily Connector.’  I have felt like I have gotten to know many of you so much better and in a more intimate way than is typical.  My previous ‘Connector’ entry was in mid-March as the stay-at-home orders and the global pandemic was beginning to hit home.  We had been self-quarantining then after my wife Sally got back from a trip visiting her sister in South Carolina.  I mentioned puzzles and am happy to report that the 1,000 piece Italian...

This picture is of a piece of art that has always moved me. It is a statue commissioned by Henry Adams for his wife Clover's grave. Augustus St. Gaudens created it. I recently learned that Adams advised Saint-Gaudens to contemplate iconic images from Buddhist devotional art. One such subject, Guan Yin, the Bodhisattva of compassion, is frequently depicted as a seated figure draped in cloth. 

Compassion, as the...